Recently Participated Fundraises

Clear Capital Markets have relationships with several Corporate Brokers, these relationships have enabled our clients to participate in fundraises for Companies including the following:


Placings are a commonly used method of raising money used by AIM companies to help fund acquisitions or provide funding for future campaigns. Due to our existing and growing relationships our clients may be eligible to participate in discounted private placings and accelerated book builds builds in FTSE companies such as Taylor Wimpey, Ocado and more. Typically, we have seen these offered at a discount to current market prices. This type of opportunity is not widely available to investors through some of the major platforms and is subject to suitability, however, they can present an exciting opportunity for investors.

Since the start of 2020 Clear Capital Markets clients have taken part in placings which include VAST from 0.15, TERN from 6p, ARCM from 1.7p, IRR at 7p and ROCK at 0.85p..

For further information, please contact us on or 0203 869 6080.

Accelerated Book Builds

Accelerated Book Builds ‘ABB’s’ are a growing method for established FTSE companies to tap the equity markets for fundraises in the region of £100m-£1bn. These are announced after-market, often open for a very limited period of time and allow investors the opportunity to apply for an allocation at a discounted rate. Clients of CCM are made aware of these opportunities and can subscribe for a sizable position subject to scale back. This type of deal is often subject to significant institutional demand and often book-run by Barclays, CitiGroup or JP Morgan.

Clients of Clear Capital Markets have been able to apply for allocations in the recent Ocado, Taylor Wimpey, Primary Health Properties and William Hill ABB’s.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a way of offering shares of a company into the public by way of listing on a recognised Stock Exchange. Eligible investors are offered the opportunity to participate in these IPO’s at a given price and valuation, this provides the company with sufficient liquidity to progress their existing projects that they would not have access to as a private entity. IPO’s have the possibility to provide profitable returns for investors if it is heavily in demand or mis-priced, with two of our recent IPO’s in December 2020 and February 2021 of Pineapple Power and Kanabo trebling within the first fortnight due to excessive demand from retail investors

If you would like us to keep you informed on any future IPO’s please enquire about opening an account with us today.



Investments in pre-IPO’s and IPO’s involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all investors. A pre-IPO issue is the funding given to the company before listing, there is no guarantee that the company will list. However, even when a company is listed on, say, the AIM market, it is considered to be a high-risk investment, and will have wider spreads on price and be more illiquid and it may be difficult to sell the shares on a short-term basis and in some circumstances it may be difficult to sell at any price.
All investments made into an IPO or new issue or in a secondary issue (placing or ABB) should always be made solely based on the information provided in the relevant prospectus and any other supplementary documentation. The specific risks will be detailed in the prospectus, but the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the money you invested. You should be sure that you fully understand the purpose of, and the reason for, the fundraising.
Before you decide to invest you should obtain information regarding the business plan and note the risk factors. If you have any doubts about the suitability of an investment you should seek professional advice.